Adam Dahir

Photographer / videographer

I bought my first ever camera when I was 12 years old on a trip to Amsterdam & Norway, and not too long after that my family moved from Las Vegas to Virginia and all I had to process through my emotions of that move was the camera I had. I started out doing lots of landscape pictures, and pictures of flowers, but as time went on I found a love for capturing the beauty of the people around me. This all really came to fruition when I went on a study abroad trip to Spain, Morocco, and Israel in 2016 and found such a joy in capturing photos of the people around me. It was really here that I think I fell deeply in love with photography, and the ability to be a storyteller. I have such a deep passion for culture, and honoring a culture with photographing things well.

I have a lot of experience in documentary photography, and fine-art storytelling, and that very directly influences how I take pictures today. My favorite weddings to capture are ones that have life and vibrancy to them, something beautiful to capture, with people who love each other. I love adventuring with people and going places I've never been, and sitting in those sweet moments of magic as the sun goes down. Every photo shoot I get to do is a gift back to me, and I savor any and every opportunity.

Capturing deep-rooted intimacy -
Not creating a moment, but catching what’s already there.

My Family

my favorite part of life

In the end, this is my pride and joy and a gift I never knew would be so bright. My wife Marri and the newest baby girl Via to join our family.

Everything I do, I do to provide life, love, and opportunity to my little crew.

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